A Workplace Win-Win

Aunty Gina Archer shares her story Gina.doc How can your workplace find, connect and build relationships with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community – find your win-win! Check out the online course and register to get the strategies you need.

A Skull Named Mary

A skull sits on a family mantlepiece for 40 years before John Danalis is scrutinised by his fellow Indigenous Studies classmates when he blurted out the information. The journey of self-discovery and the outcome of hisd transformative quest is compelling. His stirring story Riding the Black Cockatoo (Allen and Unwin 2009has been categorised as a … Read more

Local Indigenous Landmarks

Up to 40,000 years before European encroachment on their lands, the Jagera of the foothills and the escarpment, the Giabal of the Toowoomba area and the Jarowair of the northern areas including the Bunya Mountains practised their deep spiritual connection to the land. Early settlers enjoyed friendly relationships with the Indigenous people until the 1840-1860 … Read more

What I learnt in High School

Well this will be a quick response.  What I learnt about Aboriginal Australia would fit on the back of a postcard with the picture of a central Australian scene and a man with his spears looking out over the horizon on the front. Learnt nothing other than the Captain Cook colonial British version of settlement … Read more

NAIDOC Theme 2017

Each year the theme reflects the strength of survival and hope for the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within an aware and embracing Australia together. In 2017, the theme highlights the importance of Indigenous languages. With an amazing range of hundreds of languages across the country before European invasion, contemporary languages are disappearing … Read more

What is NAIDOC all about?

NAIDOCHistoryTimeline (1) “NAIDOC originally stood for National Aborigines and Islanders Observance Committee.  This committee was once (see history 1956-1970) responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself. Open the link to see the chronological development of the observance and now celebratory recognition of … Read more

When Culture Calls

When Culture Calls

We are called to many things during our lives – but what is our true calling? 

For me, childhood came and went with days of freedom, friends, fun and games, finding nature and family duty to older relatives smelling of wintergreen.  I was lucky!  I was born white, and in a country free of war and to parents who sought education and community service as their path in life.  My culture was quietly and proudly shared and taught by loving grandparents and extended family.  I didn’t know how lucky I was then!

I didn’t really know where I had come from or which people, places and things had influenced me as a young person – my cultural core in a safe, secure little piece of Australia was just lying dormant……until I hit high school.

The stories I’d heard from grandparents, the moral compass spinning me from my parents combined with the spark of influence from my history teachers and the connections to friends and fellow students from different home backgrounds seemed to converge like a funnel channelling an unstoppable flow……I suddenly heard culture calling!

Our contemporary understanding now indicates that our true calling is the ecogenetics which created our personalities.  This has called forward the traumas and adrenalin soaked highs through generational time to rest in our DNA and has built a persona supported by the current environment surrounding us.

It’s been a bumpy ride for me, a lonely journey at times and yet there’s been a driving yearning to listen when culture calls – come along and share the experiences that shaped how I began Knowing Me.

Lyndall Hill

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