Local Indigenous Landmarks

Up to 40,000 years before European encroachment on their lands, the Jagera of the foothills and the escarpment, the Giabal of the Toowoomba area and the Jarowair of the northern areas including the Bunya Mountains practised their deep spiritual connection to the land. Early settlers enjoyed friendly relationships with the Indigenous people until the 1840-1860 frontier confrontations and violence.
European settlers did not appreciate the spiritual connections to their country, so they often mistreated the sacred natural features of the land. This lead to conflicts.
“The most famous and serious of the conflicts was the Battle of One Tree Hill which took place on what is now known as Table Top Mountain.” (Toowoomba Region Council website)

One Tree Hill

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  1. Table Top has become a popular bush walking track for many years. How do you feel about people walking on this place which holds such significance to the local Aboriginal people?

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