The Powering Positive Engagement(PPE) Challenge

PPE Company course online

This is 3 Module course ($141 Per Person) which springboards in to building a company Diversity team and a Strategic Plan/Reconciliation Action Plan.  This process can be facilitated and supported by the Joining Together team for 10 weeks after the online course is completed at a cost of $3500.

  1. 1-12 staff members = discounted price $1500
  2. 12-24 staff members = $1500 plus $1500  – total is $3000

Company group vouchers are available

VIP Company Retreat

Face to face course and  Indigenous Culture experience, followed by Strategic Planning support for 6 weeks after the retreat

Talk to us about designing a unique, exciting, interactive experience to fit your company and its needs in your chosen location and the costs involved.